Machining center Rover K

Rover K is an NC processing centre designed for craftsmen who need to automate their production process as well as small-medium enterprises that specialise in custom-made products:

  • The Gantry structure has been deigned to improve the precision and reliability of machining operations.
  • Rigidity and absence of vibration ensures constant and reliable quality of machined components.
  • The double X-asis motorisation available in the 1532 model supports high speeds and accelerations whilst ensuring high quality finish and precision.
  • The Pick up station supports automatic tool-holder rack tooling.
  • Thanks to the 16 POSITION TOOL-HOLDER RACK, tools and aggregates are always available, without the need for operator intervention when moving from one machining process to the next.
  • Motorised conveyor belt for the removal of chips and waste
  • NC controlled chip deflector.