Edgebander AKRON 1300

The End Trimmer assembled on an Akron 1300 is the most competitive and high performance solution of its type. High range technology, ideal for delicate and High Gloss surfaces due to the copying and tracing system that doesn't involve any form of rubbing or scraping. It ensures an extremely reduced gap between panels (unique on the market), to increase productivity.

  • The multipurpose Corner rounding tool with two motors is used to apply radiusing not only on the front and rear edges but also on the upper and lower parts of the panel.
  • The Fine Trimmer for the top and bottom edges. Available in a manual or automatic version, complete with 2 high-frequency motors and vertical/hotizontal copiers with rotating disc.
  • The Edge Scrapes eliminates imperfections resulting from previous machining operations on the top and bottom of the edge.
  • The Glue Scrapes removes excess glue from the top and underside of the panel. This is the only model on the market fitted with 4 pneumatic cylinders for a top quality finish.